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Hello. Welcome to my blog. Some is technical and example of some of my research other is notes that are works in progress. Come back in the future as posts are updated frequently sometimes. I used to use Apple Notes but I found that notes that are notes that are note shared or published are useless in general. I hope you find these posts entertaining. -- Burton John Samograd < burtonjohnsamograd@protonmail.com >
The Eth-Papers - Example Contracts for Ethereum
Describe a Shelling Coin to me ChatGPT.
Clarity - An English Programming Language A programming language for the masses. Metashell (C++) An experiment in simple macro processing. EVMAS - An Assembler for the Ethereum Virutal Machine A way to keep Gas costs down when writing Ethereum contracts. The Is Book: The Story of the Theory of the Is A Children's Book (sort of). The Psychology of the Programmer Notes on programming in general. Living-Room.script An experiment in using Common Lisp as a database. On Encryption Some notes on my implmentation of the RSA encryption algorithm. anser (C++) A computation graph framework that creates Binary Logic Networks. The Ideal Development Team Some thoughts on how to create, manage and publish for a development team. Thoughts on physics and chemistry theories. A Poem on Thought

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