I've thought quite a bit about this and to me this would make the
ideal development team architecture.

1 secretary
1 manager
2 designers
2 implementors

They form a diagram like this:

[ Diagram of above collection of workers ]

The secretary is for all incoming and outgoing (published)
communications and they speak to everyone on the team.

The manager watches over everyone's work and removes obstacles when
they occur, while communicating (with the secretary) to higher ups.

The designers act as visual, feature and experience designers.  They
create various things with regard to the project and are published by
the secretary.

The implementors act on the designs and create things that are
passed to the manager and published through the secretary.

As you can see the secretary is quite active in the process of being
both the input to the system but also as output for the system with
the publishing tangent.  The whole team is meant to take part in
reading or viewing things about thier team that they produced.

One implementor should be senior and one should be junior.  The same
should be for the designers.

Managers are a special type.  They remove obstaces that the other
workers on the team face.

There should be one weekly meeting Friday morning to discuss with the
whole team what has been going on.  Other meetings can be called as
needed for parts of the team.

Burton Samograd 2022