The Is Book: The Story of the theory of the Is.

A Book for Children of All Ages PROLOUGE I once had a dream I was sitting on my couch Fully awake, but somewhat illucid The theory it came Every Is has a name And there are a lot of them. INTRODUCTION They make up everything. [Insert picture of Everything] You see, there is something that is known as Quantum Foam. It's what we're made of, according to Quantum Physics. [Insert picture of Sponge(bob)] If you go down far enough you reach nothing, but that nothing is Cosmic Foam[1]. Pure randomness. [Insert picture of Dice on TV Static] Tri to imagine a Quantum Random Number Generator. [Insert ?] It's a J/K Flip Flop, a memory unit that holds everything. [Insert Picture of a J/K Flip Flop] It has feedback. That feedback, when powered on is unstable because the Set or Reset register has not been hit yet. But when it's hit. You have a random number. This is the new circuit: [To Be Drawn] REFERENCES [1] Title: "A Very Short Introduction to Nothing" Author: Frank Close Year: 2009 Publisher: Oxford University Press.
Burton Samograd