The 'eth'papers - 2018

Example Smart Contracts for Ethererum.

  Which is more important? Data on the blockchain, or data on the
  blockchain accessable to by contracts.  There is a huge price

If you want to hire someone, the employer puts the value up front and the employee 'clocks in' and 'clocks out', getting paid and also knowing how long they have to work at a set hourly rate. eth0001-the-contractor-contract--2018.pdf
What if a machine with infinite memory runs out of memory? The horror story. eth0002--DEADPOOL--2018.pdf
A token for the contactor working at SpaceX. eth0004--CRDTS--2018.pdf
A set of accounts such that students have an account that can be funded by anyone, teachers have accounts that can be funded by students. The teachers advertise and the students pay for courses. eth0005--Teacher--2018.pdf
-- Burton John Samograd 2023